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Photographs (plus the occasional quote) are from the books shown below, unless cited otherwise. Links from book ISBNs are to Amazon UK. If you purchase books via these links, you will help fund me in maintaining this site. However, the existence of a link does not, unfortunately, guarantee that the book is currently available for purchase since many of them are out of print. Each entry contains complete publishing information, plus a link to purchase the book (if desired).

Each book’s publication data is in this format:


Publisher, Year
pages, binding, original RRP


BM3RM Bus Monographs: 3 – Routemaster
Stewart J. Brown
Ian Allan, 1984
96 pp., hardcover, £6.95
0 7110 1414 0
BPRM Bus Profile: Routemaster
Alan Townsin
Ian Allan, 1990
96 pp., hardcover, £10.95
0 7110 1912 6
DFL Designed for London 150 years of Transport Design
Oliver Green & Jeremy Rewse-Davies
Laurence King Publishing, 1995
160 pp, hardcover, £19.95
1 8566 9064 4
IHLB An Illustrated History of London Buses
Kevin Lane
Ian Allan, 1997
144 pp., hardcover, £19.99
0 7110 2516 9
LBBH London Buses A Brief History
John Reed
Capital Transport, 2000
80 pp., softcover, £8.95
1 85414 233 X
LBPP London Buses Past and Present
John Reed
Capital Transport, 1988
80 pp., softcover, £4.95
1 85414 101 5
LBTA London Bus and Tram Album Second Series
Michael Dryhurst
Ian Allan, 1979
128 pp., softcover, £5.50
0 7110 0985 6
LBTN London Buses Then and Now
Ian Cowley
Ian Allan, 1994
128 pp., softcover, £9.99
0 7110 2263 1
SBLT A Source Book of London Transport
John R. Day
Ward Lock, 1982
128 pp., hardcover
0 7063 6073 7

Illustrated listings of some other London Transport books.
A selected bibliography of the Eastern National Omnibus Company.


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