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The Greater London Bus Map
Mike Harris’ site, selling “independently-produced current and historical London Bus Maps, in a style recalling the old [1970s] LT folding maps, only better.”
Ian’s Bus Stop
“An outsider’s view of London Transport buses, mainly in the 1930-1980 era,” by Ian Smith. Most pages contain drawings and photos, class histories and a bibliography.
London Bus Page
Matthew Wharmby’s thorough examination of Transport for London's buses. Unfortunately no longer updated since the withdrawal of the Routemaster.
London Bus Routes
Ian Armstrong’s ambitious web site which “hopes to depict every London bus route that was introduced from 1950 to the present time”.
London Bus Routes
Not to be confused with Ian Armstrong’s identically-named site, Robert Munster set up his site “to provide comprehensive information on bus routes in the greater London area”.
London Bus Timetable Graveyard
This “site acts as an archive for copies of old London bus timetables, with reasonably complete coverage from about 2002 onwards, with a fair sprinkling of earlier timetables, including the odd one as far back as 1996”.
London Country Bus Services
Jonathan Wilkins’s site dedicated to the memory of London’s country buses before privatisation.
London Omnibus Traction Society
The largest bus enthusiasts’ organisation in the UK, focusing on the history and “happenings of bus operators—their vehicles, routes, policies, publicity, etc.—in the London and Home Counties area.”
London Transport Web Ring
The web ring for sites about London Transport.” Including London's buses, Underground (the ‘tube’), trolleybuses and trams.
The Bus Forum
A discussion board covering “some of the most important issues of the London Bus Network”.
Transit Canada
Nothing about London Transport, but merely my other website, focused on public transit and transportation in Canada.


Historical London Underground Maps
An illustrated overview of some Underground maps in Leonard Soicher’s collection.
A History of the London Tube Maps
“A History of London Underground (The Tube) Maps” by Clive Billson; well illustrated.
The London Tube Map Archive
A rather bare-bones overview by James Bow.
Mapper’s Delight: The London Underground Diagrams
An interesting and eclectic collection of links compiled by Owen Massey.
Tube Map Central
By Max Roberts, author of Underground Maps After Beck. Includes “a list of key stages in map development since the Second World War along with images, a list of electronic maps in the public domain, [and] a list of rarities”.
Underground Railway Maps

(currently being rebuilt)
The basis for my pages about the Underground map comes from Peter B. Lloyd’s comprehensive listing of maps (which is based in turn on Anne Letch’s book: London Transport Bus & Tube Maps: A Collectors' Guide, 1920-2000).



Chris’s British Road Directory
This excellent and fascinating site “is dedicated to the study of the entire road network of mainland Britain.”


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